Open Source

As of October 3, GPUtopia has open-sourced all relevant code. (Read the announcement)

Core functionality is split across three GitHub repos:

  • gputopia - This website & front-end UI
    • NextJS v13, React, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, shad-ui
  • workerbee - The AI worker
    • Python with executables for Linux, Windows and soon MacOS
  • queenbee - The coordinator of AI workers
    • Python
    • Workers connect to our queenbee by default, but anyone can run their own

All code is alpha or beta quality and under heavy development.

See the bounties page on how to contribute.


We use the AGPL3 license which lets you use and modify however you like, but requires you to open-source any changes you make to the code. We think it's important that all relevant code starts open and stays open.