As of October 18, we have 4 BTC of bounties available across 20 categories. (Read the announcement)

Each bounty category has a channel in our Discord:


Defining Bounties

Bounties will be defined in one of three ways:

  1. Some will be prepared in advance, written up as specific GitHub issues and tagged as a bounty, and linked in our Discord.
  2. Resolving any open issue (which was opened or approved for bounties by a core team member) in one of our three repos will have a minimum bounty of 100K sats, with bounty amount raising based on the issue complexity
  3. Others will be open-ended, where bounty hunters can submit their own proposal, working out the details and amount through conversation in the relevant Discord channel. This is how most bounties will be defined.

Claiming Bounties

As a general rule, defining and claiming bounties should follow these steps:

  1. Discuss the potential bounty in the Discord channel for that category
  2. You or a core team member will open a GitHub issue for the bounty
  3. Further conversation about that bounty will take place in the comments of the issue
  4. A bounty may be assigned to one or more people, or it may be left open to everyone - this will be decided on a case-by-case basis
  5. Upon successful completion, the bounty will be paid out in bitcoin via onchain address or Lightning URL or invoice

We will add more process than that as needed; otherwise we'll handle issues as they come up.

Community Choice Bounties

Most bounties for now will be administered by the GPUtopia core team, with orange names in Discord.

The 'community choice' bounty will be administered by the community, with Community Leads (magenta names in Discord) facilitating and making final decisions about disbursements.

Discuss this in the #community-choice channel in our Discord.