Answers to frequently asked questions

What is GPUtopia?

GPUtopia is a marketplace for decentralized GPU compute and related AI services.

How can I sell my GPU compute?

You connect your GPU to perform jobs for buyers and get paid in bitcoin. See Selling Compute for details.

How can I buy or use GPU compute?

For now the only way to use GPU compute is to access it through our AI chat interface. We'll soon support other ways of buying compute like renting entire GPUs. See Buying Compute for details.

Why use bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the main payment method on GPUtopia for a few reasons:

  1. Bitcoin is global, decentralized and uncensorable.
  2. Bitcoin enables fast & cheap micropayments via the Lightning network.
  3. Unlike credit cards, Bitcoin has no chargeback risks. Eliminating chargeback risk allows us to bring fees close to zero.

Who runs GPUtopia?

GPUtopia is the flagship product of Arcade Labs, a small venture-backed startup based in NYC.

Does GPUtopia have a crypto token?

No and never will. We use bitcoin only.

Are credit cards supported?

For now we only support bitcoin. We will soon allow buyers to fund their accounts with a credit card.