Opening AI

GPUtopia exists to solve one problem:

Centralized control of AI is an extinction-level evolutionary threat.

The company of hypocrites "OpenAI" is just one offender of many, but a particularly egregious one given it was founded specifically to provide an open counterweight to large corporations building in secret.

"OpenAI" has now become exactly what it was founded to oppose: another secretive large company building whatever they want while lobbying governments to prevent others from doing the same.

They need competition.


For this problem we see one self-evident solution:

Liberate and connect all the world’s GPU compute into one decentralized market anchored to bitcoin, then absorb or rebuild all AI services in layers above it.


To build this in time to make a real difference, we must act fast.

Money where our mouth is

Today we open-source our entire codebase and launch 1 BTC of bounties for developers and other contributors.

We begin with bounties of 100M sats (1 BTC or about $27000 USD) spread across five categories:

  1. Chat UI
  2. Image generation
  3. Transparency
  4. Refactors
  5. Community choice

We hope to distribute all bounties in the next two weeks, then immediately begin a second round of another 1 BTC or more.


We've got 2+ Bitcoin for bounties ready to go.

We will organize work on these bounties in the GPUtopia repo on GitHub and our new community Discord server you are welcome to join.

The first goal

We begin with a relentless focus on one goal:

Within the next 30 days, 150 of our GPU sellers will achieve a minimum monthly profit of $500 each from buyers on the GPUtopia marketplace.

Anything you can do to help us toward that goal, please join our Discord and get started.

Looking forward

Here are some directions we’re excited to explore:

  • Enabling anyone to sell their unused GPU capacity for bitcoin
  • Enabling anyone to easily buy and use GPU compute on an open marketplace
  • Enabling anyone to get paid for data they contribute to train new AI models
  • Enabling AI researchers to earn micropayments for use of their models
  • Enabling AI engineers to get paid for workflows they create proportional to usage
  • Incentivizing research and development into new models that can do more with less
  • Composing models and processes like retrieval into workflows and agents, with contributors to each step earning revenue-share micropayments proportional to their contribution
  • Bringing AI to the edge with wearable hardware connected to our GPU mesh
  • Doing all of the above in an open and decentralized marketplace accessible to all people

Actually open AI must win.

Whether it does — and how soon — is up to all of us.

Let’s get started.